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Our Web Design Team

Ron Haines Ron Haines: Web Designer / Programmer
I began my career in 1983 as a programmer of desktop applications and video games. In the early 90s I switched to photo restoration and PC repair for a brief time before returning to programming and taking up web design. When the internet came along I launched my first website "" which is still in operation some 14 years later.
My programming skills are quite extensive and I invite you to view my resume since there is simply too much to try and fit it into this paragraph.
I have great passion for my work and view each project as a part of my ongoing biography, but of all my talents I would say that my greatest asset is my ability to think beyond the ordinary. I am constantly creating code that improves the way users interact with websites, my goal being to create user experiences that are powerful and yet easy to use, the web should not require a degree in computer science to use it.
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Ricardo Peinado Ricardo Peinado: Consultant / Web Designer
Ricardo is a Co-Founder of The Web Designers Group. Ricardo has extensive experience working with large scale enterprise projects that require heavy security on Structured Query Language (SQL) systems. Most of these project where for the banking industry and large online magazines that required extensive knowledge of how security systems work online.

He also brings a large amount of experience working with small to mid-size websites that were created using different styles of programming and different web languages. His combine knowledge of 15 years of experience working in the online environments has empowered him to code in various languages and environments like Windows and Unix. Ricardo also has a Bachelors in Technical Business Management from DeVry University, which allows him to conduct business in a professional manner that is focused on technology and its environments.

Ricardo's value to The Web Designers Group is a wealth of knowledge and a charismatic attitude that allows him to communicate with potential clients in Spanish or English which allows him to better translate the needs of the client to the programmers.

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At The Web Designers Group we take every job personally, because every job we do no matter how large or small is out there for all to see. Every job makes a statement as to who we are, out talents and abilities are on display and each web sites bears testimony to the quality of our workmanship. Our team is comprised of Imagineers, designers and programmers who are proud to go that extra mile,
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